Master Thesis Portal


  • To reduce the time students spend in finding master thesis topics.

  • To give more visibility to ongoing research works and possible master thesis topics in various research groups at FIN and beyond.

Current Status:

  • The thesis portal's development has been concluded, and can be accessed through:
  • For bugs and fixes, please contact SI@FIN and/or Academic Club.


  • Dr Claudia Krull

  • Mohammed Farhaan Shaikh

  • Oyelami Oyewale

  • Carl Stermann-Lücke (phase 1)

Team Members (phase 1):

  • Kenneth Okafor

  • Mariam Riaz

  • Madhuri Sajith

Team Members (phase 2):

  • Shipra Dureja

  • Nitin Singh

  • Rehnuma Ananya

  • Ayushi Dani

  • Mayura Gurjar

Team Members (phase 3):

  • Arti Subhash Shelar

  • Shadrack Akhidenor

  • Mohammad Mohaimenul Muhib

  • Prashanth Vaidyanathan

Previous Team Members:

  • Venkatesh Murugadas

  • Oyelami Temitope

  • Zohaib Shahid


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