Support Internationals at FIN

If you are an international student looking for assistance or support in integrating at FIN, then SI@FIN is there to support you. Support Internationals @ Faculty of Informatik or SI@FIN is a project in the FIN department, founded by Dr. Claudia Krull and Ms. Madhura Thosar in the year 2018. The motivation behind its inception was to bridge the gap between international students and the education system in Germany. Through this project, we aim to understand the issues faced by you during your integration into the German education system. Based on the identified issues, initiatives are taken to address these issues. Our main goal is to increase the study success of our international students here at FIN.

On this page, you can find information related to
- various courses offered at FIN,
- codes of conduct expected at university,
- type of support or assistance offered by various officials at FIN and OVGU
- student organizations under SI@FIN

You can stay connected to our Facebook Page ( link ) and subscribe to the Messenger updates ( link ). Should there be an important update, we would send you a notification. If there is any doubt, please discuss with us or drop an email to .  

List of Team members who make SI@FIN work.

3-credit study course; introduces a student to soft skills, scientific work and methologies.

Information on codes of conduct to be followed at university and insights into studying at FIN by international students.

Student run initiative, headed by the Faculty; conducts events, surveys related to Master Thesis.

The Moodle link to schedule a meeting for course related guidance.

Video introductions to the lecturers and their insights into different courses offered in the winter and summer semesters.

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