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The faculty is situated in buildung 29 on the campus at the "Universitätsplatz".

by plane

  • the nexts airports are Halle-Leipzig (approx. 120km), Hannover (approx. 140km) and the airports in Berlin (approx. 150km); from their you can go on by train to Magdeburg

by train

  • Deutsche Bahn (IC, EC, IR, RB) until Magdeburg-Hauptbahnhof (Main Station)
  • From tram station "Hauptbahnhof" use the line 8 in direction "Neustädter See" until you reach the stopover "Alter Markt". You have to change to line 2 in direction "Alte Neustadt" until you reach the stopover "Pfälzer Straße" or use line 5 in direction "Messegelände" until stopover "Listemannstraße". The building of our faculty is about 200m away from the stopover.
  • Information about the local traffic systems: MVB

by car

  • Autobahn A2 or A14, leave at exit "Magdeburg-Zentrum" - leave the city-freeway (Tangente) at exit "Zentrum / Olvenstedt", in direrction B1 (Burg/Dessau)
  • follow the B1 in east direction (Burg / Dessau) and stay on the right lane (don't use the tunnel) in direction "Universität". You reach the roundabout at the "Universitätsplatz" which leave at the third exit (Universität). Turn right at the the next crossway and follow the street (Henning-von-Tresckow-Str. - Hohenstauffenring) until you reach the next roundabout. Leave this roundabout at the first exit into "Pfälzer Straße". Before you reach the next crossway, turn left and you have reached the courtyard of our faculty.

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