Management team


  • Building an association between academic club objectives and team members

  • Coordinating club activities between different teams for internal and external representation

  • Handling, maintaining, and regulating meetings, protocols, logistics, finances, agendas, recruitments, and principled documentation for the club.


  • Management and control of documents, protocols, regulations for the Academic club

  • Handling organizational issues of the Academic club

  • Responsible for conducting weekly team meetings and keeping track to current agendas and internal activities

  • Accountable for administrative, financial and logistics aid for Academic club events

  • Responsible for the recruitment of new members to the Academic club and maintaining the diversity

  • Involving all teams and members of the Academic club for active participation and building a friendly environment

  • Resolve conflicts/differences of the club members and teams for both intra-club and professional issues related to the club.

Team Members:

  • Daman Walia (Team Lead)
  • Budhaditya Mukhopadhyay

Previous Members:

  • Mayura Gurjar
  • Shipra Dureja
  • Stanley Umeh
  • Diana Guzman 
  • Arti Shelar
  • Ritu Gahir

Team Photograph :


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