Events Team


  • Organizing events which focus on assisting students (of FIN) in different aspects of academics during their degree program.

  • Providing a platform for students to network.

Events Covered:

1. Master Your Thesis : A panel discussion with 5 faculty members of FIN to address the importance of Master Thesis followed by one to one question-answer session and interaction over snacks. The event was attended by 110 students.

2. Alumni Talk : A panel discussion with 6 alumni of FIN where they shared their experiences and focused on the importance of soft skills in one’s professional life. This was also followed by one to one question-answer session and further interaction over snacks. The event was attended by more than 130 students.

3. “You're Hired! In conversation with the Recruiters” : This event is intended to be a panel discussion where we invited recruiters from various companies who recruit computer science professionals. The objective of the event is to make the students aware about the German job market, clarify their doubts regarding the assessment of their experiences and give them an insight on the significance of recommendations in a recruitment process.

4. Master your thesis - 2: This event is a sequel to the previous event “Master your thesis 1.0”. This event is meant to be a panel discussion, followed by a questions answer round where the attendees get to ask their question to the panellists. The objective of this event is to give the students an insight about planning the course of action ( such as choosing courses, projects and internships), managing thesis at a corporate firm, meeting supervisor's expectations and defining the scope of the topic to kick start their thesis.

Upcoming Events:

1. Master Tag: This is intended to be a periodic event, where students writing their master thesis get a chance to present their defence in a highly correlated simulated environment before they go for their actual defence

Team Members:

· Saijal Shahania

· Subhashree Mangaraj

· Mohammed Farhaan Shaikh

. Ronald Mendez

. Yumna Iqbal

. Arti Shelar (Team Lead)

Previous members:

  • Christian Wustrau

  • Anirban Saha

  • Madhu Kiran Reddy Thatikonda

  • Seyed Behnam Beladi

  • Temitope Ibidunni Oyelami

  • Zohaib Shahid

  • Chao Yan

  • Mariam Naeem

  • Harish Kumar Harihara Subramanian

  • Sidra
  • Ahmed Elkhouly


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