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To encourage and challenge students to apply the learned concepts in a dynamic setup that is beyond the formal academic way. In this manner, students would step out of their comfort zone which is mostly what is needed when they are working on their Master Thesis.

About Us:

 We host a fun problem-solving competition known as "Aca-Quest". In the past, we held the “Coder’s Quest” series.

Active Projects:

  1. Aca-Quest :

    Aca-Quest is a fun, friendly, challenging quiz competition for FIN students. The competition

    consists of tasks based on general computer science, logic, and programming.

  2. Study Group (in collaboration with Data Analysis Team)


Upcoming Events:

· Aca-Quest 3.0 - Conducted Online

Events covered:

· Coder’s Quest 1.0 | 27.08.2019 - click here for photos

· Coder’s Quest 2.0 | 25.10.2019 - click here for photos

· Coder’s Quest 3.0 | 15.01.2020

.  Aca-Quest 1.0  |  11.06.2020 | Conducted Online

.  Aca-Quest 2.0  |  13.101.2020 | Conducted Online


Team Members:

· Gabriel Campero (Faculty Mentor)

. Carl Stermann-Lücke(Alumni Mentor)

· Indrani Sarkar

· Indranil Maji (Team Lead)

. Kenneth Okafor

. Chandan Radhakrishna

Previous members:

· Oliver Watson

· Zeeshan Shaikh

. Fatima Idrees

. Vikram Apilla

· Behnam Beladi

. Chao Yan


 Group Photograph:

Academic Club group photograph coders quest

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