19.06.2020 : Master Your Thesis 2.0

Date and Time: 19th June 2020, 1500 Hrs.

Platform: Zoom

Introduction and Goal of Event :

There are many steps before embarking upon the journey of writing a master’s thesis - like finding an area of interest, choosing courses and projects smartly, or the scope of the Thesis topic and how to coordinate between the university and the company if we want to get a thesis at a company. Oftentimes, these steps go unnoticed, which make it harder for the students to “master” their thesis. In order to bridge this gap, Academic Club, by maintaining its tradition to assist in master’s thesis, organized a panel discussion to discuss these crucial yet overlooked aspects of master’s thesis.


Details of Attendees :

The discussion was arranged over online meeting platform Zoom. Around 140 attendees attended the event, along with the honorable panelists. For this event, we had with us Gabriel Campero Durand, Andreas Krug, Marcus Thiel, Rafi Trad, and Suhita Ghosh, along with the members of the Academic Club.


Feedback and Conclusion :

Overall the feedback we received shows that the session fulfilled the main agenda and our well-planned skills made our event a success. Few noted feedback comments from the panelists were regarding the perspective of the supervisors, which they suggested that they would like to have such a discussion in-person rather than an online platform, and secondly, questions ought to be collected during the panel discussion, so that most voted questions are asked during Q&A. The cornerstone of the event was to understand students' perspectives and have an interactive session, which did conform but due to time constraints considerable interplay was not possible. Overall they appreciated the initiative and they look forward to more such ensuing events.


Event Notes : You can find detailed comments from the panelists here.

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