14-16.06.2023 : Think Tech: Dock your docker 2



Event: Think Tech: Dock your docker 2

Date: 14-16 June 2023

Location: Building G29 - Room 336

Participants: 30

Event Summary:

The Docker workshop “Dock Your Docker'' conducted by the academic club, led by Istiyak Siddiquee, was a resounding success. A three-day workshop that lasted two hours each day from 17:00 to 19:00. The event provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of Docker and its various components. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, attendees were able to unlock the power of containerization and explore the world of Docker.

The event started with the welcome speech by Taruna Tiwari (Student Lead of Academic Club), followed by a structured approach, beginning with an introduction to Docker and a comparison of virtual machines and Docker in production environments. Participants then delved into building and managing containers, learning about Dockerfile creation, image caching, and leveraging Docker Hub for image distribution. The concept of orchestrating multi-container applications using Docker Compose was also covered extensively. Networking, security, and persistent storage with volumes were essential topics covered in the workshop.
Participants gained practical insights into configuring and securing container communication, implementing best practices for container networking, and mapping data for containerized applications. The live coding session with volume mapping further enhanced the participants' understanding of these concepts.
The workshop also provided an in-depth exploration of advanced Docker Compose functionalities. Participants learned about service-to-service communication strategies, implementing health checks, fine-tuning configuration with environment variables, and simplifying multienvironment deployments.
They also gained valuable insights into optimizing performance, resource allocation, and scaling in Docker Compose. Throughout the workshop, best practices were emphasized to enhance efficiency, strengthen security, and optimize Docker images. Participants learned techniques to streamline image size and commands, maximize code loading performance, accelerate image building using multi-layer strategies, and efficiently manage resources. Portability and compatibility were also highlighted to ensure smooth deployments across platforms.
The workshop included practical implementation notes, with explanations of commands accompanied by examples for a hands-on learning experience. Comprehensive README files with code blocks and instructions were provided for participants to refer to during and after the workshop. Incomplete Compose files were also provided for interactive practice, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. As a case study, a real-world application scenario leveraging Docker for a FastAPI REST with MariaDB was presented. The requirements were analyzed, and an example implementation was demonstrated step-by-step, showcasing the practical application of Docker deployment.

The workshop came to an end with the closing speech of Taruna Tiwari (Student Lead of Academic Club). The event was finally concluded with the distribution of the certificates of participation of the workshop.


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