13.10.2020 : AcaQuest 2.0

13.10.2020 AcaQuest 2.0

Date: October 13,2020.

Platform: Discord

Introduction:  AcaQuest is an online event organized by Activity Team from Academic Club. This event consisted of two rounds: 

  • Rapid Fire: Participants answer some MCQ as a team.
  • Riddle: Participants solve the puzzles as a team.

During the whole event participants could freely discuss with their teammates and each team was assigned a “babysitter” to remind them of the time and help them with their doubts which were not related to the answers. 

After two rounds, the team with the highest score is chosen the winner team and their photo and names are posted on Academic Club official website.  

Goal: We would like to provide an environment for students to come up with solutions to the Computer Science questions in a way that is different from formal examinations.

Event Description : The AcaQuest Online 2.0 started at 17:15 and lasted for an hour and a half. Around 7 participants attended it! 

Two teams were randomly (House Stark and House Targaryen) formed, each with 3 members. 

 In the Rapid Fire round, House Targaryen got seven out of ten questions correct and were temporarily leading. In the Riddle round, House Stark got the higher score which was 500 points!  And the final winning team was House Stark!  

During the whole event, most of the participants were very actively involved in discussing with their teams and in the feedback form, they spoke highly of this event. 


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