Track Specific Courses

What are specific track courses?

This type of course offers students the option to specialise within the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Various study tracks are offered; these are mostly interdisciplinary and focus either on the scientific areas of emphasis within the Faculty or future career paths. The successfully completed study track may be identified on the Bachelor’s degree certificate if desired.

How do specific track courses work?

Students complete a specific track course by selecting the predefined modules for a specific study profile. These modules are part of the electives and minor subjects and add up to a total of 30 to 35 credit points. Seminars, work placements and the practical semester can also be assigned to the profile. The contents of the study profiles can be found in the relevant descriptions (see below).

The specific track courses are only available in the Bachelor of Informatics course. 


What specific track courses are available?

  • Web-Gründer: This specific track course allows students to develop marketable software services for the internet. The profile modules come from the areas of e-Business, innovation and entrepreneurship. The career objective for graduates is to start their own company or work in the innovation sector. more...
  • Computer Games: Mit der • Computer Games: The "Computer Games" specific track within the bachelor's course teaches you how games are developed. You can also exchange ideas with like-minded people at the university 'Acagamics e.V.' club and find out more about industry and research in the computer games sector. more...
  • ForensikDesign@Informatik:The "ForensicDesign@Informatics" specific track within the bachelor's in informatics course uses the latest IT-based methods, state-of-the-art sensorics and pattern recognition techniques to teach you how to analyse evidence at real and digital crime scenes. more...
  • Lernende Systeme / Biocomputing:

    (This variant is no longer available. Changes will be made shortly.)

    The Learning Systems / Biocomputing specific track offers you the opportunity to take part in the development of complex self-learning systems. These systems are used, for example, in logistics, system monitoring, assistance systems in cars and the control of business processes. more...

What should I do?

You do not need to apply to take part in specific tracks. However, we recommend that all those interested contact the profile supervisor as soon as possible. There are information events on the specific tracks at the beginning of the winter semester.

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