Learning Systems / Biocomputing

Are you fascinated by how biological systems can adapt and learn? Would you like to know more about how the human brain works? Would you like to find out more about artificial intelligence systems?

The interdisciplinary Learning Systems / Biocomputing specific track offers you the opportunity to take part in the development of complex self-learning systems. These systems are used, for example, in logistics, system monitoring, assistance systems in cars and in business process management and can adapt themselves to changes in ambient conditions by using strategies adapted from human learning processes.

The specific track combines topics relating to neuroscientific and cognition-psychological learning theories and learning systems in informatics in order to give you a broad basis for the development of software systems with artificial intelligence. In informatics, it includes courses on knowledge processing and learning algorithms. In neuroscience and cognition psychology, it involves understanding human learning processes and methods of neuro-biological analysis.

You can select your own seminars, laboratory projects and bachelor dissertation yourself based on the development of autonomous, self-learning systems or investigate learning patterns in animals and humans.

More Information

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