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Where is G29 or the FIN building?

Faculty of Computer Science occupies Building 29 or Gebaude 29 (G29 for short). So you should look for the building marked 29 on the map above. The university uses abbreviation system in regards to its buildings and rooms:

  • If you have a class in GXX-YZZ, it refers to the building number and then the room number in this building. For example: G29-307 refers to building number 29 and room number 307.

  • Room number YZZ is on the Yth floor and then you find your way to room number ZZ. For example: Room 307 is on the 3rd floor. The door will be marked with the number 307.

  • “E” stands for the ground floor (Erdgeschoss) while “K” is the basement (Keller).

Where is the Campus Service Center?

Usually Campus Service Center is located in Building 1 at the main entrance of the university. As of November 2022 it is under construction, and the current Campus Service Center is located in Building 18 in room 153. You can find more about the Campus Service Center here.

Where do I enrol?

Usually enrollment is either in Building 6 or Building 18. Find out more here.

Where is the university copy shop?

You will find a university copy shop in Building 8. This is the place where you will also find stationary items.

Where can I print or scan something?

Gebaude 26-1 is the URZ or the IT centre. It is the place you can visit if you want to print or scan something. You can access the computers at the URZ with your student ID and password.

Where is the student canteen (Mensa)?

You will find the Mensa (German for student canteen) in Building 27. You can use your student ID for payment and with it you also will get a student discount. You can find the menu and more about Mensa here. There are also several small cafes spread across different faculties.

Where is the international office?

International office is located in Building 18.

Where is the examination office of the Faculty of Computer Science?

The examinations office is on the first floor of Building 29 (room number: 101/102).


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