Technical Reports (Internet) 2010

10-01 Marc Mörig, Ivo Rössling, Stefan Schirra
On the Design and Implementation of a Generic Number Type for
Real Algebraic Number Computations Based on Expression Dags
10-02 Marc Mörig, Stefan Schirra
Engineering an Exact Sign of Sum Algorithm
10-03 Jan Tusch
Template Little Numbers: A Toolkit for More Userfriendly Effcient Exact Geometric Computation
10-04 Sebastian Günther, Maximilian Haupt, Matthias Splieth
Utilizing Internal Domain-Specific Languages for Deployment and Maintenance of IT Infrastructures
10-05 Martin Kuhlemann, Liang Liang und Gunter Saake
Algebraic and Cost-based Optimization of
Refactoring Sequences
10-06 Martin Kuhlemann und Martin Sturm
Debugging Product Line Programs
10-07 Hagen Schink und Martin Kuhlemann
Hurdles in Refactoring Multi-Language Programs

Michael Schulze und Jörg Diederich
Reducing time and effort by concurrent firmware update processes on micro-controllers


Azeem Lodhi, Veit Köppen und Gunter Saake
Post Execution Analysis of Business Processes: Taxonomy and Challenges


Veit Köppen, Andreas Meier, Michael Soffner und Norbert Siegmund
Grundlagen und Einsatz von Jini für serviceorientierte Architekturen


Andreas Lübcke, Veit Köppen und Gunter Saake
Towards Selection of Optimal Storage Architecture for Relational Databases

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