Studying with us


The Faculty of Computer Science (FIN) offers four bachelor's courses. The language of instruction is German.

FIN also offers a range of master's courses to follow a bachelor's course. The language of instruction is German, it is however optional to study the courses M-DKE and M-DE in English.


Why should you study at the FIN in Magdeburg? The most important reasons are: the work placement, the practical orientation, the excellent support and, of course, because the FIN is brilliant.

Top ranking

Over the last few years, Magdeburg's Faculty of Computer Science has achieved top rankings because the focus is on teaching, because the technical facilities are excellent and the study conditions unmatched. Anyone studying here will find overfull lecture theatres are just hearsay.

Top support

As the OVGU is a relatively small university, the relationship between the lecturers and the students is very uncomplicated and friendly. If you have a question for a professor or research assistant, you can simply ask and you will normally get a sensible answer. Lecturers normally respond to e-mails quickly and friendlily, and if there should be any problems FaraFIN (the Faculty Student Council) is there to help. Our preliminary courses which prepare school leavers for their courses are very important.

Practical orientation

Informatics in Magdeburg has a practical orientation in two respects. Firstly, it focuses on practical and applied informatics. This means that the subject areas you get to know during your studies are generally pretty accessible. On the other hand, the bachelor's study regulations stipulate a work placement which should preferably be completed in the business sector.

Work placement

A work placement is mandatory at Magdeburg. Although this means the bachelor's course lasts one semester longer than at other universities, it does give a good insight into the processes of business - i.e. where many graduates go on to work. Many leading companies work with the University of Magdeburg on this, including Siemens, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Daimler, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW. Foreign placements are also possible.

24/7 working hours

We have an access chip system which means that those who wish to can access the faculty buildings and use the computers 24/7. As the computers are very up-to-date, it is fun too - as the students own laptops cannot (normally) keep up.

Short routes

Those studying at Magdeburg can enjoy short routes: our university is a campus university. The halls of residence and research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute are right next door. It is just a five minute walk west to the FHW, the Faculty of Humanities, Social Science & Education, where computational visualistics students often complete courses in pedagogics etc. The Faculty of Medicine can be found to the south of the city. The only students at the Faculty of Computer Science who need to access this faculty are computational visualistics students completing an elective in medical image processing. The "University Hospital" is easy to access by tram.

Commitment pays off

Whether you are solving tasks in working groups, supporting FaraFIN with its campaigns or dipping your toes into academia as a research assistant, if you are committed, you take part and make a commitment to something, it doesn't matter what you study during which semester. All the students are equal when faced with the problems and tasks, and master's students sometimes work alongside first semester students without the difference playing a part. We also have a very committed faculty, which is evidenced in the various activities which take place throughout the year.


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