Prerequisites for study

Mathematical understanding

Computer science is mathematics. Mathematical understanding is less about the ability to calculate and more about being able to abstract and understand complex relationships.

Logical and abstract thinking

Logic is an area of mathematics. It is used when relationships need to be abstracted, analysed and related to one another. This is something FIN students encounter in nearly all areas of their studies. Important!


If you are not interested in the subject of computer science, you will find the course very difficult. This means an interest is the most crucial requirement you need to bring with you to be successful in your studies.


This means the inner drive to find out new things. Curiosity also means the ability to find computer science-related things interesting.

Tendency to fiddle

Trying what works. Your computer offers endless possibilities but you need to discover them for yourself.


In computer science, this means the capacity to develop your own solutions. You should always have an idea of what to try next.


Research suggests that this is the most important characteristic for students in any discipline in order to be successful.


At university, nobody watches whether you are lazy or keen. You need to be your own driving force and force yourself to study.

Team spirit

Successful FIN students are not solitary hackers.

Communication skills

Those studying at FIN must be able to communicate well. Be open to discussion, ideas from others, feedback and even criticism. It all helps you to progress. 

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