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Welcome to the website of the Equal Opportunities and Family Officers of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The Gender Equality Concept

On October 2nd, 2019, the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Computer Science adopted the following equality concept.

 Equal Opportunities Concept of the Faculty of Computer Science (in German)

The Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers

Equality work is primarily about creating equal opportunities for men and women. We are also committed to the equal treatment of all people regardless of their gender, religion, sexuality or origin.

We are the contact persons for all status groups at FIN, especially in cases of conflict, such as harassment or bullying, and we provide information about opportunities such as special support programs for women in science, scholarships or the counseling services offered by our family officer.

In order to enforce equal opportunities, we accompany recruitment and appointment procedures and participate in the faculty council where important decisions are made.

In this way, we support the central equal opportunities officer of the university on site in the faculty with our work.

In order to give students an insight into the professional world, to meet successful women from various fields of computer science and to learn how to reconcile work and family life in business and science, we have organized an event in the series Frauen & MINT , which will be continued in the coming years.

Some role models from scientific and technical institutes will report on their research areas here .

The equal opportunities officers are elected every 2 years by all female members of the faculty.


Claudia Krull
PD Dr.-Ing. habil Claudia Krull
Equal Opportunities Officer of the FIN


Office: G29-214
Phone: 0391-67-51998
E-Mail: claudia@isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de

Dr.-Ing. Christian Braune
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer of the FIN


Office: G29-022
Phone: +49 391 67 52506
E-Mail: christian.braune@ovgu.de

PD Dr.-Ing. habil Sylvia Saalfeld
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer of the FIN


Office: Speicher B, room 164
Phone: +49 391 67 52527 / +49 391 67 57464
E-Mail:  sylvia.saalfeld@ovgu.de

Dr.-Ing. Monique Meuschke
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer of the FIN


Office: G29-207
Phone: 0391-67-51431
E-Mail:  meuschke@isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de

 Photo_Lavynska website
Tetiana Lavynska
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer of the FIN


Office: G29-216
Phone: +49 391 67 52017
E-Mail: tetiana.lavynska@ovgu.de

The Family Representative 

The family officers in the faculties of the OvGU are the contact persons for students and employees with regard to all questions that arise with the compatibility of family and studies or work. There are numerous offers and special regulations, such as part-time studies and special study plans, which enable (expectant) mothers and fathers in the student body to study successfully. The family representative will be happy to inform you about these and other possibilities through which the OvGU has been certified as a "family-friendly university" or advise you on specific problems.

The family representative of the FIN works in the working group "OvGU und Familie" and cooperates with the full-time family representative of the university.

Family and studies - for many students, this situation is particularly difficult to reconcile financially. For the first time, the Family Office is awarding  scholarships to students with family responsibilities. This includes the care and education of children as well as the care and support of relatives in need of care. All women and men who attend the last semester of their degree are eligible.


Eike Schallehn
Dr.-Ing. Eike Schallehn
Family Representative of the FIN


Office: G29-125
Phone: 0391-67-52845
E-Mail: eike@iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de 

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