Visa extension

What are the steps for extending the visa?
Extension of visa usually takes place in the first 6 months of your arrival in Germany. Please keep a note on the validity of your visa since your arrival. The following are the steps to be taken care of: An appointment should be booked at "Ausländerbehörde". Make sure to book the appointment at least one month in advance of the validity. Documents required for Extension: Anmeldung (City Registration Document) Passport, Immatrikulationbescheinigung, House contract, Health Insurance, Biometric Photograph ( they might ask), proof of finances(if you are extending visa for the first time), more information here.

What are the options for a visa?
There are two ways to receive a visa extension : Visa-stamped-on-passport (~60 euros, needs biometric photo) Visa as ID Card (optional, +100 euros additional, needs biometric photo) more information here:

When to take a Visa-extension appointment?
The appointment should be taken at least a month in advance before the expiration date of the visa. The slots usually get filled quickly, so avoid the last-minute rush. more information here: Please note that during times of COVID19 there is no appointment provided by the foreigners' office , instead you have to write a mail to : asking for the application form for visa extension and then send the required documents along with the visa extension form.

I am changing my address/accommodation. What should I do now?
In case you change your accommodation during your study, it is important to get the address changed at all official places. Students need to inform the Bürgerbüro within 1 week of changing their accommodation. Otherwise, a student may have to pay a penalty. They need to inform the respective Insurance agency, Bank and library with a proper accommodation contract. It is advisable to update your current address at Campus Service Center.

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