Health and Insurance

How to get health insurance?
Some Insurance companies have their counters in the campus service centre during the registration period. You can also collect contact details of various insurance companies from the reception of the campus service centre. TO know more, visit:


What type of health insurance is appropriate for a student?

There are a myriad of different health insurance companies available, and the choice between them produces little variation in your insurance coverage. However, what's more important is the type of insurance you will take: Public or Private. As a student, you are eligible for both; however, it is recommended that you take public health insurance, as private health insurance only covers the emergency cases. It's also worth mentioning that private health insurances can refuse to extend your membership contract at any point they wish. Finally, bear in mind that once you've chosen a private health insurance, you cannot revert to a public one unless you become an employee.


What is the checklist of documents required for health insurance?
The following documents would be required when you visit the health insurance office for registration:
Current address
Passport copy
Bank details (can also be provided later if you don't yet have a bank account)
Certificate of enrollment


Are there any English-speaking doctors available in Magdeburg?
There are a few places in Magdeburg where you might find English-speaking doctors:

Finding a doctor or therapist:
Finding a dentist:
Dentist emergency:

For a complete video guide on how to find medical attention in Magdeburg, please watch the following video at the link here


How can I find a House doctor (Mein Hausarzt)?
A house doctor is your point of contact in cases of any health issue. Based on the treatment, the house doctor can refer you to a specialist, as well as helping you get an appointment. To find an appropriate House doctor, you can: ask a friend, check online in directories such as the ones here, or contact your health insurance provider.


Can I change my Health insurance provider if I don't like the services provided by the insurance company?
You are free to choose any type of health insurance. However, membership typically runs for 18 months, and you can typically change health insurance company in Germany by giving two months’ notice before the 18-month expiry date - or whenever a supplemental increase has been announced or increased (typically reviewed annually).


Where can I get medicine on a Sunday?

There are some pharmacies which are open on Sundays, but they vary as they take turns. You can find information here. You can also always call 116117, for more info.

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