City Registration

What is the process of City Registration? How do I do my city registration?
It is mandatory to get your accommodation registered at the Resident’s office. Follow the link for complete process information. The city registration can be completed in the Campus Service Center on certain dates, towards the start of the semester. Kindly visit Campus Service Center for more information and dates.

When do I have to register?
You need to get your city registration within the first two weeks of your coming to Germany.

What documents do I require for city registration?
- Passport with a valid visa
- Certificate of residence (issued by the renter)
- Biometric Photograph

Is an accommodation contract really required for city registration?
An accommodation contract really required for city registration, but in some cases, you may get an exception from the city registration office and they will issue a temporary registration. In case you are staying with your friend and still haven’t found accommodation for your own, you can still get yourself registered with the officials using care of a letter issued by your friend.

How many people can give out the same address for city registration?
The number of people depends upon the size of the room and the house contract.

How/Where to do city-registration (Bürgerbüro)?
Please find the information for city-registration here. The Burgerburo also arranges for a mobile city registration at the Campus Service Centre. Find the information here. For further information :

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