When are the enrolment periods at the university?
For the winter semester, the enrolment process, in general, begins in mid-September while for the summer semester students the timeline is normally around mid-March. You will be, of course, notified of the precise dates and place of enrolment along with information on registration, when receiving your letter of admission. Once you are enrolled, you will become a student of Otto von Guericke University. You will then receive your student ID card (UniCard) and important information regarding your courses.

How do I enrol at the university?

You usually receive all information about place and date of enrollment together with your admission letter. Please check this page for further details.

After a successful enrollment you will receive your student ID, officially making you a student.

Where does the enrolment process take place?
Gebaude (Building) 6. It is near the Campus Service Center at the University tram stop. As building numbers are indicated at their entrance. Additionally, you can also check the map below for navigation:

ovgu campus map fin

Gebaude (Building) 6 or G6 sits beside the Campus-Service-Center (Gebaude 1) and labelled as “Enrolment” for your convenience.

Where do I deposit the semester enrollment fee?

You will be contacted by the Enrollment office through the email you provided with your application with the request for the fee.

How is the enrolment process carried out?
In all probability, when you reach the office, there should be someone (most probably your peers) to guide you. In case you do not get any assistance, this is what you need to know: After the office opens, please make the semester fee payment and keep the receipt with you. The office designated to carry out the payment of semester fees is right beside the enrolment office inside Gebaude (Building) 6. Before going to the enrolment office, please make sure to have all the required documents at hand. Finally, at the end of enrolment, make sure to keep track of new documents given to you, as they may become important later on.

What documents are needed for the university enrolment?
The following documents must be presented when enrolling:

  • Letter of admission
  • Proof of identification (Passport with a valid visa)
  • Confirmation of health insurance
  • Proof of address/residence (rental contract / registration confirmation / “c/o letter”)
  • Proof (receipt) of semester fee payment
  • A passport photo
  • Certificate of cancellation of enrolment from any university previously attended in Germany, clearance certificate (a declaration that no examination has already been irrevocably failed on the desired course of studies. Only for applicants who have already studied at a German university.)

The list of documents mentioned above might change. Always cross-check with this website during your preparation. Please note that you need to produce the original copies of the documents during enrolment.

INFORMATION: The complete guide to enrolment at the university is available here.

What is a “c/o letter”?
In case you cannot find a permanent accommodation, and you are staying with a friend/host for a short span of time, you can take a “c/o letter” or a “care-of letter” from your host until you get your permanent accommodation in order. This acts as your "written confirmation of address by a host". The care-of letter should be printed and signed by your host.

How can I receive my ID and Password for LSF?
After enrolment, you can activate your LSF account in the kiosk placed at the entrance of the IT service centre. Alternatively, activation can also be done by visiting the link mentioned in the enrolment document you received from the campus service centre.

Where can I scan / print / xerox documents?
You can print documents at the stationery shop, opposite Building 12 (see map). This can also be done at the IT centre,  but only after enrolemt, since you need your student ID.

What documents will I get after the enrolment?
You will recive the matriculation and registration letters as well as some information pamphlets. It is important to note that you should check out the pamphlets, as it contains information regarding the events organized for the introductory week of new students.

When will I get my student card?
You should get your student card within a couple of days after your enrolment. You can collect the student card from the Campus Service Center (as of March 2023 G1 is under construction. Temproary Service Center is located in Building 18 - Room 153). Once you get the student card, please activate it at the Campus Service Center. The student card is the proof of your status as a student at the university, and it is advisable to carry it with you, especially while commuting through public transport in Magdeburg.

What should I do if I lose my student card?
Please report it immediately at the Campus Service Center and apply for the new one. Beware that the application for a new student card comes with a fee.

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