Introduction Week

When should I arrive in Magdeburg?
We would advise you to come to Magdeburg at least one week before the classes start. The winter term starts at the beginning of October, while the summer term starts at the beginning of April. Check the Academic Calendar to know the exact dates. The enrollment period is mentioned in your admission letter. If you arrive here after the start of courses, you run the risk of missing essential information or not enrolling in the classes you want. There is also an introductory week webinar planned by the international mentors under FaRaFIN for the incoming student.

What happens during the introductory week?

Introduction week is organised by FaRaFIN - student council of the faculty. There are several events for incoming students usually taking place a few days or a week before the start of the courses. These events usually involve:

  • Introduction to your degree program

  • Introduction to mentors and FaRaFIN

  • Tips on how to organise your studies

  • Introduction to the student portal (LSF)

For a program of relevant events check the incoming page and FaRaFIN webpage.

What other things should I do before the classes start?

There are quite a few things you need to do while settling in Magdeburg. We advise you to do it as early as possible, preferably before the start of the courses, so it does not affect your studies. These tasks might include:

  • Getting an accommodation

  • Enrol at the university and get your student ID card

  • Completing city registration

  • Getting health insurance

  • Opening a bank account

What’s INSA app?
INSA app - or their website - can provide you with the information about the tram and bus schedules to ease your commute within Magdeburg. You can also check the MVB website for similar services.

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