Preprints 2006

06-01 Muehler, Konrad; Bade, Ragnar; Preim, Bernhard
Adaptive script based animations for medical education and intervention planning
06-02 Specht, Michael
Using perceptually uniform color spaces for imagesteganography
06-03 Amelung, Mario; Piotrowski, Michael; Rösner, Dietmar
EduComponents: Experiences in EAssessment in Computer Science Education
06-04 Röber, Niklas; Andres, Sven; Masuch, Maik
06-05 Röber, Niklas; Masuch, Maik
Soundpipes - a new way of path sonification
06-06 Apel, Sven; Batory, Don
An Empirical Study on Features and Aspects
06-07 Sonnet, Henry; Unger, Andrea; Schlesier, Lothar; Vogel, Thomas; Isenberg, Tobias; Strothotte, Thomas
Interactive Images using Illustration Watermarks: Techniques, Study and Applications
06-08 Spindler; Röber; Malyszczyk; Strothotte
Flexible Film: Interactive Cubist-style Rendering

Dornheim, Lars; Sauer, Steffen; Trostmann, Erik; Tönnies, Klaus D.; Berndt, Dirk
Online Generation of Dynamic Shape Models for Industrial Optical Quality Control


Apel, Sven; Kästner, Christian; Leich, Thomas; Saake, Gunter
Aspect Refinement


Reiner Dumke, René Braungarten, Martina Blazey, Heike Hegewald, Daniel Reitz, Karsten Richter
Software Process Measurement and Control


Ingo Schmitt
Quantum Query Processing: Unifying Database Querying and Information Retrieval


Walter Cazzola, Shigeru Chiba, Yvonne Coady, Gunter Saake
RAM-SE'06 - ECOOP'06 Workshop on Reflection, AOP, and Meta-Data for Software Evolution

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