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Facts and Information about the Faculty of Computer Science News in German Language

The Faculty of Computer Science is one of nine faculties at the Otto von Guericke University (OvGU) Magdeburg. Around 2000 people of different backgrounds and viewpoints teach, research and study closely together within the faculty. With nearly 20 professorships, the faculty is the biggest IT faculty in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The Organisational Structure includes links to the dean's office, the examination board, the  institutes and all the faculty panels. The Faculty of Computer Science, FIN for short, aims to be practical, personal and interdisciplinary. The  Study Courses are very much based on these guidelines. The FIN is also a faculty which sets great store by the issues of Equality & Family.

The latest developments in the faculty are also reflected in our Annual Reports. Information, such as deadlines, minutes and a list of members of the most important panel, the Faculty Council, can be found here Notes on study within the faculty can be found here.

The Faculty of Computer Science is a faculty which is also committed outside the university's internal structures. It is a member of the following associations:


The German Informatics Society is the largest German representative body for computer science and connects all those working in the IT industry.

The regional group of the German Informatics Society was (re)founded at the FIN in spring 2011.

This link takes you to the homepage of the regional group of the German Informatics Society

Member of Informatics Europe, the Association of European Informatics Departments

In spring 2007, the FIN was among the founder members of the European Faculty Association.

Informatics Europe is the European umbrella association for computer science research and represents computer science faculties and research laboratories and their interests at a European level.


The FIN has been a member of the Information Technology Faculty Association since November 1997.
The Information Technology Faculty Association (FTI) is the umbrella association for university computer science faculties in Germany. It is particularly active in the field of computer science studies and makes recommendations at various levels.

This  takes you to the homepage of the FTI.

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