Examination Office

The examination office takes care of the proper implementation of the decisions of the examination board and the examination regulations. I.e., it is the executive body of the examination board and responsible for the practical implementation of the various tasks of the examination board.

Our Tasks

Amongst others, our tasks are:

  • Verification of admission requirements for exams; scheduling of examination dates/coordination with examiners and students;
  • Registry of delivered performances (examination grades, credits);
  • Issuing of certificates/confirmations and transcripts of records;
  • Consultation of students with nearly all study matters. If we cannot help you directly, we will pass you on to any responsible person;
  • Also a cup of tea in case of exam nerves or other emotional sufferings.

Amongst others, our tasks are not:

  • the performance of examinations – other colleagues are more competent in this task;
  • the delivery of performances – that’s your responsibility as a student

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